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November 20, 2009

Currently, I'm sitting in my dad's office and listening to the wrestlers practice in the hallway. They'll be finished running soon, so then I'll be subjected to silence for at least thirty minutes with the whir of the fans as my only company. I suppose this is alright with me, but, then again, it's rather lonely here.
Not a lot's been happening with me since I last updated. I just quit volleyball, made the basketball team, got two boyfriends, one of which was a huge jerk and the other that I don't really like to speak about, and I nearly broke my finger.
And there is the four months I haven't posted in recapped in a whole sentence.
Dad's in some meetings right now, so this is all I have to do since myspace and meebo are both blocked. And I'm sure once I'm done and ready to post this, they'll have blocked livejournal too. Which doesn't make much since when you think about it, because all they're really doing is sheltering us from the outside world.
They've even blocked the cached page of Myspace!
Gah. And I don't have cell service down here.
*eye roll* The angsts of a junior in high school.

I'm trying to think of something I could possibly rant about to make this more interesting, but I don't suppose I realyl have anything to say at all. La la la.

NaNoWriMo started a few weeks ago. I'm already finished with a total word count of 62, 515 words. I was hoping to get more, but then I hurt my finger and it just ruined my will to do anything on the computer while I sat there and watched TV and held ice to it.
Anyway. Not much more to do. I just have some stuff to take care of, and then we're off to Ohio for the weekend. Some family business up in there, you know.
We won't be seeing my brother, though, which kind of sucks. Ah well. He can suck it up.
Umm ... that's basically all I had to say.

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

My most played song is A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.
Soon, though, Swallowed In The Sea by Coldplay is going to take it's place.
Very soon. XD

Writer's Block: Bite Me

From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?
Stephenie Meyer makes me want to bite myself. I mean, come on? A sparkling vampire? That wouldn't scare my cat, and my cat is very easily scared. In all honesty, vampires are not real, and I don't want to be bitten by one.
Thank you, and goodnight.

July 15, 2009

So I just got back from watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was pretty good. My friend, Kaitlyn, cried when Dumbledore died. And I finally learned his full name. I also learned that Dumbledore is, in fact, gay. JK Rowling said it herself as she was reading over the script of HBP. A line came up where Dumbledore says, "Ah, yes, I had a middle school crush once on a girl..." JK told the screenwriter that that couldn't be said in the movie because the only love interest Dumbledore ever had was with a wizard that he had to defeat in a duel.
I told my dad this and he went crazy. XD

Lol. I've been reading a bunch of entries on GMH, and suddenly, it's like I'm seeing things in this whole new light. The next time I go to the mall, I'm taking post-it notes and writing "You're beautiful" on them. Then I'm going to stick them in every dressing room, bathroom, and mirror I see.

And now I come to the part where I tell you exactly why I want to post this entry. I was talking to Laura about Coldplay, and I decided, you know what? I'm going to write down every reason why I love them and every thing that makes me want to listen to them. As I was just telling her, when you go to one of their concerts, you just get this vibe. It's idescribably inspirational. It just makes you want to hug someone and never let go.
You can't wait for the concert to start, and when it does and it's over, you want to go back to the point in time where you were saying, "Let's get this concert started!" because you want to live it over again. You never want to leave. Everyone who's been to a concert knows exactly what I'm talking about. Even my friend, who's very unemotional, agrees that there's something about them that's just utterly amazing. When the butterflies bust out of the ceiling, it feels like they're there for a purpose, and that purpose is to represent freedom and love.
Everything Coldplay does is for a cause, a meaning, or just because they want to do it. They don't allow drugs on the set, they don't allow bottle caps in the ampitheaters, and they write their own songs. Seriously, how often do you hear that? Either you're Miley Cyrus and your dad writes your songs for you, or you're a teenage girl that has 50 and 60 year old men writing songs for you. To me, the song doesn't hold any power or personal experience in it when it's written by a man but sung by a teenage girl.
Chris Martin stands for so many things. He once said in an interview that "whether you're a plumber or a pop star, you have to speak your mind. The only difference is that a plumber may not get as much publicity as the pop star." And I have to say that I agree with him completely. Because if you have an opinion and you don't express it, what's the point of having the opinion? It's just something that you're hoarding inside yourself, and, to me, that's not healthy.
And, lastly, the way they feel about touring. They never complain about it. They enjoy it. That's why I believe that their concerts are so amazing. Because they enjoy the things they do, it shows in their work, and they're able to share it with other people. It makes Guy, Will, Chris, and Jonny happy, and it's pretty obvious that it does.

So there you are. If you read all the way through that, congratulations, you've won a virtual cookie.

I'm off. I'll update if anything interesting happens. :]


June 1, 2009

Basketball camp was amazing. I had so much fun. ^___^
Savannah's birthday was yesterday, and I sang her the 'Lovestoned' song by Justin Timberlake. lol. She got back together with her boyfriend, Sean, which really doesn't surprise me.
I have a new favorite song.
Well, not really. It's sort of my favorite. It's called Swallowed In the Sea, and it's by Coldplay. I swear, this band is the most amazing band in the world. The lyrics are so moving and profound. It's like every single song is written for a purpose and solely for that purpose. They write the most beautiful songs, too. They're the sort of songs that make you think, you know?


Andrea was hilarious. I had so much fun telling her stories about my brother and the Pink Panther. XD
She and I were sitting at the lunch table, and she says, "It's Wednesday!" And I was like, "Yeah. I walked into McDonald's, and there were some Indians sitting in the corner. One of 'em looks at me, and I say, 'Hey! What day is it?'" So I pretend to lick the air and I say, "It tastes like Wednesday!" It was great. :"D
Then we were in her room, and we were singing the '1,2,3,4' song by The Plain White Tees. So Andrea comes over to me holding up one finger and singing, "There's only one..." And I make this face:

So she cracks up and rolls on the floor laughing, then decides she has to pee really bad. She jumps up, runs to the door, pulls it open, disappears. I decide that I too have to pee. I run after her, only to discover that the door has been locked. XD It was so crazy; I swear I about died laughing this week.
Then we all just kept making that face all week. XD
Coach called a meeting for all the middle school girls, and I went down with Andrea and Gracen. So he was like, "Nikki..." And I was like, "Is it all right if I stay here? I mean, I have no friends. Those guys over there are my only friends. So I'll be bored if I go away." And I pointed over to Andrea and Gracen. He let me stay, but he was like, "Carlee's not here, so come back later. Only middle schoolers, please." I was like, "Technically, I'm still a middle schooler." And he was all, "Actually, no. Not exactly." :P
It was hilarious.

We sat in the emo corner at lunch. XDD
And my dorm room was really cold. But I like it that way. So that's good.

I cut my ankle shaving, and blood was gushing everywhere. It was so disgusting. I ran into Andrea's room, and I was like, "Dude!" She shushed me, so I said, "I need a frikkin' band-aid!" So she busted out laughing and handed me this really crappy thin band aid. O_O

Carlee threw a shoe at my head and made me throw my iPhone into the wall. It cracked 24 different times. I swear I almost killed her. Butbutbut, I'm getting the new iPhone 3GS on Friday. It's going to be so awesome. ^____^

I'll update later if I remember anything cool that happened at camp. :"D

June 26, 2009

Things around here have been rather hectic lately. I went to my brother's last week, and I had a fun time. Zach tried to kiss me, but I wouldn't let him. XD lol. The best part about that was the look on his face when I made about five or six baskets in a row. (We were playing basketball, of course. :D)
Then I went to basketball camp this week. It was pretty fun. I met a guy named Guy Cowger. He's amazing. lol. It turns out that his mom owns the Custard Stand in Webster Springs, where my grandma lives! I about peed my patns when I figured that out. XD He's cute, too, which is such a huge plus. And he has my number. I'm hoping that I can go into town later and pick up service so I can check my text messages. ^_^

I've been begging my dad for a MySpace and checking out ticket prices for the Coldplay show a day before my birthday. So far, I've found out that it's in Massachusetts. lol. Yup.

We're thinking about getting my mom a nice Apple laptop because our old one broke. :P

And that's basically it.

Mhmm. Out of my hectic week, that's all that's happened.

Oh wait.

I forgot. Lorna dropped Avalure on me. After all the crap with Tooti, I thought she was going to turn out differently. But it happened exactly the same way - unexpectedly and without reason (those are my friend Eliza's words, not mine). Why did I totally see this coming? Oh, I don't know. Megan's not letting me switch either, and for very legitimate, logical reasons, but she's still not letting me switch partners.
Avalure means a lot to me, and Lorna used to be my friend. She knew how much I loved it. So why is she doing this to me?

The truth of the matter, folks, is that she's a meanie head. :P

But that's okay because Kaitlyn's mommy bought her a water slide.

O_O I forgot. Michael Jackson died yesterday. It's so shocking and overwhelming, and when I use huge words with a smile face that looks like this O_O it totally takes the sophistication out of my words. See what I mean? O_O 


Have a fun day. I'll edit if anything else interesting happens.
Oh, and if I don't know you, don't add me as a friend. It creeps me out a little. :P

June 14, 2009

Well, my life has been a little complicated in the past few days. I’m going to Ohio tomorrow to see my brother, and, hopefully, flirt with Micheal a little bit. Dude, that boy is fine. Okay. Anyway, here’s hoping he doesn’t have a girlfriend and doesn’t think I’m totally weird. O_O lol. After what happened with him a few summers ago, I don’t think he’ll ever see me the same way again.

Lorna’s pretty much mad at me. Is it so wrong to just want one post before I leave for three weeks? I didn’t think so. I mean … I understand that she had writer’s block, but she had enough writing to post. Why didn’t she post it? Because it sucked, apparently.
Then I confronted her about something that’s been bothering me since, like, day one. She always rewrites my posts and then adds on one paragraph explaining what Ethan does after whatever Rachel does. It just kind of … I dunno, makes me annoyed with her posts sometimes.
I tried explaining this to her, but she just kept throwing argument after argument in my face and didn’t care that she was disregarding what I was really trying to get her to understand – I don’t want a paperback like everyone else’s. I want a paperback of my own, you know? I want a paperback that doesn’t move like my dead grandfather.
After talking to her about it, I felt better, but I also felt like I could have approached the situation in a lighter manner. She told me this morning that I hurt her feelings, but I don’t think she realized how badly she was hurting my feelings. I understand that this sounds selfish and rude, but she doesn’t know how much I think of her – how carefully I choose my words so I don’t come off as harsh or mean or condescending. I don’t purposefully hurt her feelings, and I don’t think she means to hurt mine, but I think that she just needs to really analyze the situation and learn to put herself in other people’s shoes sometimes. I feel like she doesn’t think of what I’m trying to say to her – what I’m trying to get through her head. Like, she takes everything into a matter of fact, not opinion.
Isn’t that what everything is? Isn’t everything just a matter of opinion or personal feeling?

That’s how I feel, at least.
That’s how I’d like Lorna to look at things.
But she doesn’t.
And it hurts. A lot.

Anyway. I finished ‘The Awakening’ by Kelley Armstrong today. It was really good for a second novel in a series. What I’d like to see more of, however, is romance. lol. The woman just doesn’t put much romance into the books, and it’s totally turning me off. XD
I started ‘Scat’ by Carl Hiassen. It’s really … Carl Hiassen-ish. O_O Predictably, it’s about the Florida wildlife – panthers, to be exact. I’ve really taken an interest in it. I mean, it’s not something I would normally read, but it’s really well written, and the plot is already taking twists that I wouldn’t expect.

Yup. I so cannot wait to meet Andrew in Rio Grande tomorrow. It’s going to be amazing – seeing him again. And I love lunch at McDonald’s and going out to the Bob Evan’s farm. :”D
So I’m basically doing nothing. Just listening to The Killers and trying to sort out my feelings. I don’t know what I’m going to do about Lorna. I’d like her to listen to me and not argue or come up with excuses for once. You know. Just listen and not respond.

Anyway. I think I’m about to go. I might call my brother again. I need to ask him if we’re going swimming at Paige’s. ^__^

OH! I might be going to the Coldplay concert in Massachusetts. Dude. It's going to be absolutely amazing. The best thing - it's a day after my birthday! HOMYGOSH! XDD
I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait. *runs to father, begging for section 1 tickets*

June 6, 2009

i have officially lost track of how many people are in this sim family. O_O
i can't hear out of my right ear, and it's driving me insane.
mother nature won't go away. *stab stab*
lorna's still not back from her party that started around five last night.
i'm bored out of my mind, and i'm dying to post for avalure.
my parents went to my uncle's 50th birthday party.
i think my dad's still sick.
i rammed my knee into a screw, and now i have a tiny little gash that hurts like crap.
i'm thinking about calling my brother.
scribblers is trying to change into something that really sucks.
and ... yeah.

the one good thing that happened today was that casey came up for about three seconds. yeah. my dad was calling me from webster, and i was still asleep, so i didn't answer the phone. he called casey and had her come up and bang on my bedroom window. XDD it was so funny because when i finally woke up, my cat was sitting at the window and something was banging outside.
at first i was all, "LOLWHUT?! CALLIE GET AWAY FROM THE STINKING WINDOW YOU IDIOT!" and then i was all, "casey. you meenie head, get outta my yard!" :P lol. so yeah. i met her at the door, and she was all, "yo suga daddy needs to speak witchuu. call him now, or you be no mo fo sho." so i was like, "you got it, sucka!"

yeah. that was basically my day.
i watched click last night, and cried when the guy died even though i knew he was still going to live. curse these stupid hormones and movies that remind me of my dead cat. which is about every other movie that i watch, mind you. XD
anyway. soooo. one of lorna's friends sent me this message: My background is a picture of a tamponnnnnnnn! -sarah
which reminded me of this one time in french class when there was a tampon lying in the floor. O_O it was so disgusting. i was all, "EEEWWWWWWW!" :P 
and sydney was all, "it's a tampooon!" yeah. pronounced: tam - poon.
that day was great because the reading teacher had to come and throw it away. Dr. Mann wouldn't pick it up. :P 

so yeah. the issue with scribblers is that the staff are trying to match all the stars to the new layout. and it's really stupid because a lot of the scribblers feel that it's changing way too fast. well, at least i feel that way. anybody else? no? okay. i'm in my own little boat again. why can't people agree with me for once? DX grawr. i feel so lonely right now so i'm just going to rant to myself about how i have to be in this skit at bible school.
it's not that i don't want to be in the skit. i just don't want to be in the skit while mother nature is plaguing me with ... herself. XD yeah. i dont' want to try and act in front of a bunch of little kids while i'm gushing out blood, you know what i'm saying? 
yeah. i've realized that in almost every post on here, i'm ranting about raggin'. so i'm going to stop. okay? okay. sounds fair to me.

i got my coldplay playing. lol. that reminds me of eliza calling them HotStop when we got to the concert that day. *eye roll* that concert. was amazing. yes. it was indeedily so.
*sigh* eliza won't answer her phone. i could call kaitlyn. i think i'll call kaitlyn.

i'll edit if anything interesting happens. *eye roll* yeah right.


step up day at the high school is very odd. O_O don't ask me how. it just is. so yes. i signed up for a summer basketball league. it'll only be one night a week. so. mhmm. i also signed up for the summer practices. hopefully mother nature will go away before then, otherwise, i'll be mad, and i'll prolly sit on my butt in front of the computer and pretend i'm sick. *cough cough sniffle* anyway. i didn't eat breakfast, and most of my new teachers only recognized me because my parents are school teachers. my advisor even told me that she's known me since i was little. O_O that was really weird. XD 
so yeah. my first day as a sophomore felt strange. because i'm still thirteen, you know? everyone else is either fourteen or fifteen. *hides under a rock* i'll be fourteen in august, so i'm cool with it. :"D
i sat with matthew at lunch and said hi to savannah and jordan. that was pretty cool. *nods* yupp. hah! the first thing i said to amanda was, "come on. i gotta go familiarize myself with the toilets." it was hilarious. :P corena said hi to me. which was strange because she hardly talked to me before. DX today just felt like the first day of school for some reason. i dunno.

dude. i'm going to have so much fun. today's my daddy's birthday as well, so i made him a pretty card. ^__^ mom made him a pineapple upside down cake, and we gave him a photo frame full of some of his nature photography. yuuuppp. he was supposed to sign me out and take me to lunch with him for his birthday, but he had a ton of work to do, and he just took me straight home.
i didn't get to meet any of my second semester teachers, but i pretty much know all of them already. FOUNDATION ENGINEERING IS GONNA RAWK! XD

yes. so chrissy and i are the only girls in that class. and we can't choose our partners, so ... yeah. i have to work with a bunch of guys. which isn't too bad, i don't guess, because Mr. Mullins is going to help me out with my TSA projects in class. *nods* yess. i think brian is the only person that i know that's taking the class too.
O_O speaking of brian ... he asked me for a piggy-back ride today. i would have given him one, but we were standing in the lunch line right outside the office. XD
haha. [/random subject change ahead] my dad's new room is the teacher's lounge! XDD lol. he has to teach ALC/ALS at the high school now, which definitely makes it easier on me to get to his room in the evenings. haha. hilarious stuff. hilarious stuff. :P 
anyway. so i came home at noon and played around with the sims. Logan grew up and got married to his high school sweetheart, Little Miss Jamie Klien. ^__^ they got married in his parents' backyard, and then they moved to a house a few blocks away. they're planning on having three kids. :"D
lorna's going to love these pictures because i know i do. :"]

^___^ i taught my dad the lyrics to Fix You - Coldplay this morning in the car. lol. he kept laughing at the lyrics, and i wanted to smack him. *eye roll* that's just how my daddy is, though.

bahahahaha. i need to work on lorna's birthday presents and finish them up. i'm posting her thread in ... two days. ^_^
so yes. today was a randomly boring/good day. i'm happy that i don't have to take gym until next semester. but then again ... we have that class every day. DX man. that's not going to be easily avoidable on these certain weeks, you know what i'm saying? XD
*sigh* lorna didn't post for avalure last night, which didn't surprise me, but made me mad.

okay. the 'rents are home. i'll edit if anything exciting happens. yeah.
not going to happen. XD

June 4, 2009

This morning was uneventful. i woke up, didn't eat any breakfast, played the computer for a few hours, and then went into the kitchen and heated up some leftover lasagna around 10. yeah. that's basically my day so far. wonderful morning, eh? XD i do have to admit that i got some very cute pictures of my babies (Amanda and Oliver with their new child Logan) in game, and they're looking gorgeous. I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW LORNA! ^____^
yupp. so i stayed home from school today. Why? because they were taking a field trip to a boring water park, and i has nothing to wear. if you get what i'm saying. XDD
bahahahaa. there's that reason, and i just didn't want to go. my school field trips are so BORING! 
well, except TSA. you can't really count that as a field trip, though ... whatever. :P 

anyway. i posted for avalure again last night, and then i listened to lorna rant about this hot guy saying that she had nice hair. XD i love our conversations.
OH! last night at church was a blast. kaitlyn stole my gold flats, and she poked her toe through the hold on the top. it was hilarious because her foot was in the shoe, and then when you looked at the peephole, her toe was sticking out. O_O
i started laughing, she started laughing, and my mom had to snap at us because people were praying at the alter. ha! her dad's message was really good; i enjoyed the parts that i did listen to, when kaitlyn wasn't writing messages to me or stealing my shoe, you know. D":

mmm. dad killed a mouse with his cane when we got home from church. dis.gust.ing.
i will never tell him to kill a mouse in front of me again. there was something going on with that thing's stomach, and it was not pleasant to look at at all. *shudders* it's eyes ... it's beady little eyes. DX i don't think i'll sleep well for another two nights.
of course, my stupid cats wanted to play with the nasty little thing. GROOSSSS. i told dad that he should never, ever let me see another mouse in my life. haha! i had to hold the flashlight for him while he pounded the thing into the vent. DX it made me scream and jump a few times, and dad was just laughing at me! 
mom was too afraid to even go around the vent even when dad took the mouse outside and threw it in the creek. she asked him if it was "dead as a doorknob"? my mom's so silly.

ow. i has a papercut or something. i dunno. it just happened before i started typing this, so ... yeah. it's a little hard to type comfortably with a papercut. XD
anyway. i think i'm going to go back in game and get a few more pictures of Logan. then i'll prolly make him a wife, and they can has beautiful babieesss! *COUGH*even though logan is a little too young to have a baby*COUGH* O_O

i'll update later if anything interesting happens. like LORNA COMING HOME! 
well ... yeah. that'll be much later.

anyway. this is me ... signing off.

oh YES, BABY! 

Coldplay (YAY!) and Will Smith (YAY AGAIN!_ beat out Mrs. Stephenie Meyer (yucky!) in the Forbes celebrity rankings. That, my friends, is what you call an EPIC WIN! My day has officially been turned around. This is great. This is oh-so-diddily-do-daaa-GREAT! :"D
Seriously. If you have not listened to Coldplay, I strongly advise you to. *dances around in a circle* YAYYY!

edit again: 
Dad's bringing home crackers and cheese, Ben and Jerry's (YES!), a bacon biscuit, chips, and CHOCOLATE MILK! i love you daddy, i do. i do. *huggles daddy* ^________^ man. my day has been absolutely wonderful. now if only mother nature would go away and leave me alone. *knock on wood* i probably just jinxed myself. XDD

is this going to be the extent of my summer vacation? playing the sims and eating all day? ha! sounds like an amazing summer to me! O_O
kidding. kidding.
i'm thinking about dragging dad off to New York again this year. it should be fun, considering the fact that there's going to be a wonderful coldplay show a day after my birthday in massuchusets. :"D yes. amazing fun. amazing fun.

i think there's something wrong with my fingers.
DX okay. maybe wrong isn't the right word. but now my thumb feels really sore when i press down on the keys, and i got that papercut (i don't really know if it's a papercut or not) earlier. ow. my hand hurts. :P